Get really social with the one you love this Valentine's Day.

Start by staying off your mobile device.

To make sure Cupid's arrow hits its mark and the sparks fly without interruption, we recommend giving one

of these naughty little gifts to your significant other.

Offlining CellShield Condoms

with Texticidal Lubricant:

Show you care by coming prepared. Keep your phone

covered and let your sweetie know you're only thinking

of one person tonight.

Don't let texts, calls or emails interrupt your night of romance. Offlining CellShield Condoms with texticidal lubricant are so thin, you'll forget that your phone is there.

Offlining Pintimate Hands-Free

Security System:

This Valentine's day, keep it in your pants

- your phone, that is.


Nothing can kill an intimate evening like a text message, email or phone call. Keep love in the air and your phone out of your hands with an Offlining Pintimate hands-free security system.

Offlining Bonding Bands:

Show your devotion to your honey with some light bondage. The Offlining Bonding Band keeps your phones together, screen-to-screen so you can stay cheek-to-cheek.


Are you really going to let a text message get in the way of a romantic dinner with your special someone? Of course not. Slip your phones into an Offlining Bonding Band and keep your romantic evening from slipping through your fingers.

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The founders
Mark and Eric Cartoon

Why Offlining?

Short answer: We persuade for a living.

We've devoted much of the last couple of decades to convincing you to log on, click here, call now, surf, search, pay bills in your underwear, trade from the beach, add "friends" to your digital network and, as AT&T once famously promised in their "You Will" campaign, tuck your children in from your mobile device.

Then one day we made a mistake -- we looked up.  We took our eyes off the screen long enough to see. We noticed we had kids and wives. We took in the way leaves open their faces to the sun. We reacquainted ourselves with the sounds birds make. And we realized these things could no longer compete. Click to continue reading


Offlining Cat’s in The Cradle Reboot

For Immediate Release
Media Contact:
Danielle Nacco
Ericho Communications
(347) 248-1677


Marketing Gurus Mark the One-Year Anniversary of Offlining, Inc.
by Asking Singers and Songwriters to Rewrite the Famed Father-Son Song for Today’s Digital Relationship

NEW YORK (June 7, 2011) – New York City-based dynamic marketing duo and serial entrepreneurs Mark DiMassimo and Eric Yaverbaum, who started the famous Tappening movement, an environmental campaign to “make tap water cool,” and the political and educational ‘Read to Vote’ initiative joined forces for a third time and created Offlining in 2010. This highly talked about and very viral campaign encourages people to go offline, by turning off their mobile devices and computers in order to devote time to the traditional face-to-face conversation that we have all grown to miss in the wake of Blackberries, iPhones and working twenty-four/seven.

The initiative highlights America’s ever-growing addiction to technology and to mark the one-year anniversary since its conception, DiMassimo and Yaverbaum are thinking BIG again. They are calling all singer/songwriters to rewrite the famous Cat’s in the Cradle song – originally sung by Harry Chapin, which shows how a father and son grew up without ever having time for each other, with a modern refresh for the Facebook generation. more after the jump

Mark DiMassimo, CEO and Chief Creative Officer of the DIGO brand and business building agency says, “An era of great temptations and great distractions deserves inspired and hauntingly creative warnings too. That’s what this song was in the ‘70s, and arguably this decade needs them even more. Eric and I spend our days selling ever greater engagement with media, and with Offlining we put those skills to work to sell you the Off Button.”

To kick-off the reboot contest, Offlining will introduce a $100,000 marketing campaign that features call-to-action print ads and iChat cards (i.e., images of a record trying to fit into a laptop, an attempted re-write of the song, and a record updated for the digital age). The ad campaign includes tongue-in-cheek copy like, Make this Fit and Think you can do better? They can all be viewed at The campaign will include wild postings in New York City, Miami and Los Angeles, as well as social marketing efforts through the web via Twitter, Facebook, and other online media. Additionally, the two are declaring Father’s Day 2011 a “No-Device Day,” and respectfully request that no one visit the site that day.

Quoted as a “fast-talking, quick-moving New York public relations guru” by Forbes this past year, Yaverbaum adds, “We don’t want to have our lives flash before us and our children married with their own kids before we realize that we didn’t devote enough real attention to the people that matter most in our lives, because of our pressing business demands and the distractions of our tech devices.”

Contest Details:
Whether you think it’s a LAME pop artifact of the fey singer-songwriter era, or a classic and HAUNTING story song about fathers and sons that can still make you cry, IT’S TIME TO REWRITE “CAT’S IN THE CRADLE” for the device-distracted generation. Create our generation’s Let’s Not Miss The Father-Son Relationship anthem.

Applicants can go to to upload their entry or sign up to audition live on Father’s Day, June 19, 2011.

The winning songwriter will get a public relations push from one of NYC’s premier pr agencies, Ericho Communications. It’s a great way to make connections and get your career going. And maybe even make a difference while you’re at it.

Yaverbaum concludes, “We are looking for the best person to bring the classic song that has made millions of Father’s cry into the 21st century. The goal of the contest is to highlight how much time we AREN’T spending with our families and persuade dads – starting with Father’s Day – to spend a little more time offline and a little more time bonding with their families.


Mark DiMassimo and Eric Yaverbaum are available for interview.
“Offlining” ads and Father’s Day iChats cards are available upon request.

About DIGO:

Founded in 1996 by Mark DiMassimo, DIGO Brands is a brand-driven growth network. Our companies work together seamlessly to help ambitious organizations grow. DIGO Brands have partnered with visionary leaders in many of the extraordinary growth successes of the past two decades, including: Comcast, Crunch Fitness, JetBlue, thinkorswim, Island, ESPN, HBO, Citi, Gateway, McKinsey, and Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center.

DIGO Brands include DiMassimo Goldstein, a leading full-service brand, advertising, direct and digital agency; PROOVE accountable media planning and buying, DIGO/Ericho Public relations and social marketing, brand-driven content, entertainment and digital products, and the Tappening & Offlining movements.

For more information, visit

About Ericho Communications:

Founded in 2007 by best-selling author Eric Yaverbaum, Ericho Communications is a full-service public relations firm where green meets the latest that technology has to offer. Ericho’s projects range from the launch of the first-ever mobile video text messaging company to a highly acclaimed identity-theft software launch to the introduction of the largest peer-to-peer video-sharing college website and the first-ever direct-to-consumer title insurance company. Ericho’s roster of clients are consistently covered in the news.

Yaverbaum is the former president of Jericho Communications, where for 21 years, he managed a who’s who of brand names that included IKEA Home Furnishings, Domino’s Pizza, Subway Sandwiches and Salads, Progressive Insurance, TCBY, Sony, H&M, Bell Atlantic, American Express, and many more.
Yaverbaum served as President of and is also a co-founder of Tappening, a “drink local, think global campaign,” whose products were credited by GMA as the “hottest of 2008.”

Yaverbaum is also the author of four books, including PR for Dummies, which is required reading in marketing classes at 57 U.S. universities. His sixth book, Life’s Little College Admissions Insights, was published in January 2010. Ericho Communications has offices in New York City and White Plains.

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